Below is a list of recommended reading materials on marriage preparation and the early years of marriage as researched by Father Bill Swengros, former District III Coordinating Priest.

The Bible.  Goes without saying.

Beginning Your Marriage, 8th Edition.  John L. Thomas, ACTA Publications 1994.  A clear review of many of the principles presented on the Engaged Encounter weekend.

Becoming Soul Mates.  Less & Leslie Parrott, Zondervan Publishing House 1995.  A 52-week program of enrichment for married couples, especially younger couples.

Couples Praying: A Special Intimacy.  Gene and Judith Tate O'Brien.  Paulist Press, 1986.  Contains stories of couples that pray together and prayer starters.

Creating a Marriage. James Greteman. Paulist Press, 1993.  Excellent overview of marriage - a must  for all couples.

The Five Love Languages.  Gary Chapman, Northfield Publishing, 1992.

The First Two Years of Marriage: Foundations for a Life Together.  Thomas and Kathleen Fischer Hart, Paulist Press, 1993.  Excellent overview of marriage - a "must-read" for all newly married.

How to Survive Being Married to a Catholic.  Michael Henesy and Rosemary Gallangher, Ligurori Publications, 1985.  A "must-read" for all interfaith marriages.

Love for a Lifetime: Building a Marriage that Will Go the Distance.  Dr. James Dobson, Questar Publishers, 1993.  A no-nonsense discussion about issues facing those who are dating, engaged, or newly married.

One Faith, Two Religions. Gerald Foley.  This is the best resource for interdenominational marriages.

Read the Fine Print Before You Say "I Do". Jack Leipert, Paulist Press, 1994.  A good introduction to married life - contains discussion questions.

The Soul of a Marriage.  Patrick and Claudette McDonald, Paulist Press, 1995.  Integrates spirituality with the normal conflicts couples experience as their needs shift between autonomy and togetherness.

Some of these publications are available for sale at the Engaged Encounter weekends.  Any of them could also serve as a good wedding gift.

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